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Pensiunea Printul Vlad - Sibiu - Cazare Marginimea Sibiului
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Cazare Pensiune Sibiu - Printul Vlad
Sibiu - Cazare Marginimea Sibiului

Points of interest

What nature made with cunning, people perfected with imagination and grace.

The land of Sibiu, including county and localities in the surrounding areas, offers a rich variety of natural landscapes and monuments of architecture and art which annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over world.

At Sibiu one can find the most surprising joints between the distant past and present today, from archaeological remains and millenary traditions to contemporary art objects and artifacts, from the taste of bread and cake baked on the hearth till modern cafes and restaurants, from medieval festivals and fairs to concerts and cultural events of the new century.

Tourist circuit in this region is impressive by the confluence of cultures, traditions and ethnic varieties that met over a long and complex history, merging in an unique cultural treasure in Europe.

In addition to the diversity of flora and fauna of mountain areas, Sibiu realms give passengers feelings and images that will forever be kept in the soul and spirit of each of those who visit these places.

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